Accumulation… it takes time

Nika Stein | Photographer: Josée Giroux

Accumulation… it takes time

This piece is, in a way, a deepening of the research begun with Choreography which leads to Satisfaction. I was frustrated by the lack of vitality in my legs and pelvis, and wanted to focus more specifically on this part of my body through the choreographic process. Its title refers to the accumulation of energy in the body and the time this requires. It is a site-specific work that has been performed in many outdoor locations in Texas and Quebec. The accumulation of energy in the body is accomplished explicitly in partnership with the Earth through connection with the soil and other elements of the environment, such as trees, boulders and rocks.

The main thread of the piece is perpetually refined as the choreography is performed in different locations. The question the performers must answer is this: how should our movements adapt to each environment to optimally realize the fundamental intention of the choreography, namely to accumulate energy in the body in relation to the Earth.


2 hours


All Audiences


Interdisciplinary, integrating Dance and Ecology

Accumulation… it takes time is in search of new opportunities. The aim is to continue presenting the work in new and interesting outdoor locations with groups of 2 to 12 performers, which may or may not include musicians. Performances can be accompanied by cultural mediation activities designed to help citizens develop and deepen their connection to their bodies and the natural environment. Don’t hesitate to contact us to play a part in this creative endeavour.