Choreography which leads to Satisfaction

Nika Stein | Photographer: Antoine Gautier

Choreography which leads to Satisfaction

When I created this piece, I was searching for my own choreographic language. I had realized that the generic movements of contemporary dance didn’t suit me and wanted to connect with the audience more directly. I found my way when I dared to tap into the raw emotions within my body.

I dove into emotional states, one at a time, amplifying each one through sound and movement until it naturally subsided. This progression of emotional cycles created the narrative thread of a journey through hardships, towards satisfaction and pleasure. The title of the piece is not without irony, as choreography in its more traditional sense (i.e. associated with complex spatial movements) had to be left behind to give way to the choreographer’s satisfaction.


45 minutes

Enrichment Option

Exchange with the audience after the show




Interdisciplinary, integrating Dance and Physical Theatre

Although this piece dates back to the beginning of my career, I love going back to it regularly and recalibrating my artistic apparatus (body and psyche) on these essentials. I find this choreography as relevant as ever. It can be presented in conjunction with the Emotional Agility workshop for dance and theater students, or any other group. Alternatively, this choreography can be transformed into a workshop where each participant is guided to seek their own satisfaction in movement.

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