Photographer: Julia Mercier, 2018


Vodichka (Водичка) is a diminutive of the Russian word for water

Between the archaic and the contemporary, this colorful show for all audiences playfully explores the human relationship with water. Three to five dancers perform accompanied by harp, cello and an electroacoustic soundscape. Our artistic approach takes form in the juxtaposition of archaic and contemporary elements: folklore meets scientific discourse on the evolution of life on Earth, aesthetics and contemporary sensibility.

The choreography begins with the scene Rousalka. Nika Stein interprets Mikhail Lermontov’s poem in Russian describing the world of Rousalka, a magical creature from Slavic fairy tales related to the mermaid. The mermaid wails, chants, whispers, and narrates. A conscious artistic choice was made to work with a Russian poem in non-Russian-speaking environments, with the intention of engaging with the audience’s emotional intelligence. The elastic bodies and faces of the dance performers do not attempt to mimic the content of the poem, rather they create a polyphonic effect by adding their own bodily and emotional layers. This is followed by an exploration of the pulsating world of marine creatures, a tribute to wetlands, the energetic evocation of a thunderstorm and, finally, a scene of calm after the rain.


30 minutes

Enrichment Option

Cultural Mediation activity before or after the show, or between the various scenes.


Children, All Audiences


Interdisciplinary, integrating Dance-Theater and Music


Choreography, Interpretation, and Artistic Direction: Nika Stein

Harp: Sarah Pagé

Cello: Veronika Rönkös

Electroacoustic Soundtrack: Fabi Ugarte Kopanski

Costumes: Elena Miroshnichenko

accompanied by 3 to 5 dancers


Vodichka is in search of new production and performance opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact us to platform this act.