Voda-Eau-Water Outdoors

Nika Stein | Photographer: Sue Mills, 2019

Voda-Eau-Water Outdoors

Voda (Вода) means water in Russian

Adaptation of Voda-Eau-Water (a journey into aquatic abysses and emergence to the surface) to outdoor spaces. We recommend presenting the show in natural, picturesque locations near bodies of water, in parks, groves, etc. These provide a perfect setting for the Swan Princess to spread her wings and for the other creatures of the show to come into existence.


40 minutes to 1 hour

Enrichment Option

Cultural Mediation activity before or after the show, or between the various scenes.


All Audiences


Interdisciplinary, integrating Dance-Theater and Music


Choreography, Interpretation, and Artistic Direction: Nika Stein

Harp: Sarah Pagé

Cello: Veronika Rönkös

Electroacoustic Soundtrack: Fabi Ugarte Kopanski

Costumes and Set Design: Elena Miroshnichenko

Voda-Eau-Water outside is in search of new production and performance opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact us to platform the act.