Postural Posturings

Postural Posturings

Both a dance piece and a study in non-verbal communication with a sociological perspective, this choreography can be danced in a public space as well as on stage.

Two performers, surrounded by an electroacoustic soundscape, at times groovy, at times indescribably bizarre, seem engaged in a non-verbal dialogue. Heads haughty, pleading, turned away. Gazes intent, avoidant, inviting. Chests that recoil, and bulge, and dominate. Arms indecisive, firm, heavy. Chins acquiescent, authoritative, swaying. Pelvises imposing, exuberant, hidden. Multitudes of postural expressions that tend to elude conscious attention in one’s daily life form the basis of this piece’s vocabulary. The expressive possibilities are multiplied by the interplay of different attitudes as voiced by different parts of the body. Some body parts are still, others agitated. Some speak loudly, others hide. From this basic vocabulary we will play exaggerating discomfort and hiding, liquefying, amplifying, minimizing, et cetera…, resulting in a performance greater than the sum of its parts.

Through this choreographic language, we highlight the ambiguity and ambivalence inherent in human communication. The skeletal nature of non-verbal communication intrinsic to the dance allows one to project onto it a number of their own realities and constructs. The spectators are playfully invited to examine their relationship to power dynamics, gender and other social identities.

Teasing, elucidating, playing, while steering well clear of any moralization, the piece’s humor lies in breaking implicit normative codes.


All Audiences

This piece is currently in creation. We are interested in creative residencies, production partnerships and performance opportunities. A cultural mediation activity can be integrated before or after a performance or in the course of a creative residency. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us about this creative endeavour.